The Social Experiment NFT

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What is the Fugly Forest Social Experiment?

Fugly Forest is a social experiment NFT project centered around the dilemma of Conservation vs Human Greed. To participate in this experiment, you must mint at least one of the 10,000 uniquely illustrated trees and you have to pledge a team!


You will fight to conserve the digital forest.


You will fight to profit from the digital forest.

Are you a Lover or a Logger? Pledge your team!

10,000 Fugly Trees

Will you love or log your tree?

Fugly tree #01Fugly tree #02Fugly tree #03Fugly tree #04Fugly tree #05Fugly tree #06Fugly tree #07Fugly tree #08Fugly tree #09Fugly tree #10Fugly tree #11Fugly tree #12

Pledge a team!

When the fate of the forest is at stake,
who will you be?

  • Holds and preserves their Fugly trees until the end of the season

  • Competes in challenges on Discord to donate additional proceeds tocharity

  • ALL surviving trees at the end of the season increase the amount of proceeds donated

  • ALL Lovers get guaranteed AllowList spots in the next Fugly Forest experiment

  • ALL Lovers get a POAP of the Fugly Lovers team logo at the end of the experiment

  • If at least 50% of the trees survive, ALL Lovers can mint free Fugly concept art

  • Secret rewards announced at the end of the season

  • Sells or transfers Fugly trees whenever they want until the end of the season

  • Competes in challenges on Discord for a chance at prizes and giveaways

  • ALL dead trees at the end of the season add to a pot of prize money for ONE lucky Logger

  • Only ONE Logger gets a guaranteed AllowList spot in the next experiment

  • Only ONE Logger gets a POAP of the Fugly Loggers team logo at the end of the experiment

  • If less than 50% of the trees survive, random Loggers receive 1 of 1 concept art

  • Secret rewards announced at the end of the season

Rules of the Experiment

  1. Lovers hold until the end of the season

    If a Lover sells a tree after pledging as a Lover, they will be automatically switched to the Loggers team and publicly disgraced!

  2. Loggers sell or transfer trees whenever they want

    If a Logger decides to hold until the end of the season, they will be publicly redeemed!

  3. Your team is assigned to your wallet, not to your individual NFTs

    If you have multiple NFTs, selling any of them makes you a Logger

  4. All trees start out with the metadata trait "LOVED". The first time a tree is sold, the trait switches to "LOGGED" and is considered dead

    The numbers of surviving trees will be updated on the website

  5. Both Lovers and Loggers compete in challenges for rewards on our Discord

  6. Participation in challenges and games are optional (you can just hold or sell)

  7. Pledge a team before mint date for a spot on our Allowlist


Fugly Team

[object Object] - Stephen Animate


Stephen Animate

[object Object] - Munam Wasi


Munam Wasi

Developers - Nueva



Advisor Dev - Rory

Advisor Dev


Conservation Charity

Conservation Charity

At the end of the season, no matter what happens, we promise to publicly donate 10% of all proceeds to a conservation charity, voted on by the community.

Another 10% has been reserved as a “community pool” for the Lovers and the Loggers to fight over and to decide if it goes to charity or into the pockets of the Loggers.

This could get fugly…

We hope that the community will match our entire 10% donation, but we are leaving it up to you.

10% Conservation Pool

10% Community Pool

locked pool =
half of community pool

Community Pool

When the Lovers win a challenge, a portion of the community pool will go to conservation charities of their choosing. When the Loggers win, a portion of the pool will be randomly airdropped to a lucky Logger.

Half of this pool will be locked until the end of the experiment.

Locked Pool

At the end of the season, the locked pool will unlock and the total surviving trees in Fugly Forest will be counted.

Whatever percentage of trees survive, we will donate the same percentage of unlocked funds to conservation charities as well on behalf of the Lovers.

The rest of the unlocked funds will be airdropped in a single lump sum to ONE lucky Logger.

Traits of the Forest

In Fugly Forest, the art is dope, and the trees are fugly!

This is not your typical generative art project with the same silhouettes swapping out different shirts and hats. The contrast of surreal illustrations with bursts of pop-art colors brings the Fugly Forest to life while amplifying the beauty of nature in an unconventional way.

Our trees are not “fugly” in the literal sense, they’re lopsided, textured, knotted, and twisty much like the way we see trees in their organic environment.


There are 29 different tree species from all over the world. Each species is illustrated with a completely different shape, making your tree truly unique.

Fugly tree #01Fugly tree #02Fugly tree #03Fugly tree #04Fugly tree #05Fugly tree #06Fugly tree #07Fugly tree #08Fugly tree #09Fugly tree #10Fugly tree #11Fugly tree #12


In addition to the different species, there are also three seasons with different rarities: Regular, Autumn and Winter.

Deciduous trees can be Regular or Autumn and coniferous trees can be Regular or Winter.



Creature Companions

Each tree has a creature companion that is specific only to that tree but obtaining a tree with a creature companion is incredibly rare.

Only elder trees who have completed the “Circle of Elders Initiation Ceremony” are granted a creature companion as a testament to their wisdom and contribution to the ecology of the Fugly Forest.

The creature companion relationship is truly special and exemplifies the ideal symbiosis of coexistence with nature.


  1. Entrance Portal

    The Entrance Portal serves as the place to pass through to get in and out of the Fugly Forest. Whenever someone enters or visits the Fugly Forest they will become "Fugly" as soon as they step through the portal, only to be returned to their original appearance after leaving.

  2. Tour Bus

    Takes visitors around the Fugly Forest to show them how it works and to explain its rich history and ecology. Also educates visitors on conservation and the dangers of deforestation.

  3. Visitor Center

    Check in here when you visit to learn the rules of the Fugly Forest and report any abuses taking place to the Forest Rangers. The Forest Rangers serve as the moderators inside the Fugly Forest Discord.

  4. Bed and Breakfast

    This is where visitors from other NFT projects can congregate during their stay and socialize. Check out how wacky the Fugly versions of some of your favorite projects look (Bored Apes, Pudgy Penguins, and Tubbycats etc.) when they visit the forest!

  5. NFT Embassy

    Visitors here have meetings to build relationships with other NFT projects. Teamwork makes the dream work.

  6. Fashion Workshop

    Where Fugly Trees that are passionate about aesthetics go to design the various clothing and accessories popular in the forest. These include bird cages, Christmas ornaments and snapbacks, among others. This is also where hard working trees design merchandise to be sold outside the Fugly Forest to their supporters.

  7. Lover Camp

    Fugly Lovers live and gather here to organize and protect the Fugly Forest.

  8. Logger Camp

    Fugly Loggers congregate here to strategize their profiteering off of the Fugly Forest.

  9. Campfire

    A neutral area where the two camps come together to find common ground, tell their stories and argue their cases.

  10. Great Log Pile

    Dead trees are taken here to be recycled as firewood in the Campfire. Forest Rangers will also commandeer the logs from trees that Fugly Loggers chop down if they catch them before leaving the forest and add them to the pile. This disincentives the Loggers from chopping down Fugly trees by confiscating their source of profit. The Loggers may keep sneaking into the camp but the Rangers will still try to do their part.

  11. Outskirts

    Bigfoot lives here and will get you if you behave like a jackass.

  12. Circle of Elders

    ​​Fugly Trees come here after they reach the age of wisdom to go through the Circle of Elders Initiation Ceremony. If they are deemed worthy they are assigned a Creature Companion and given authority to manage the ecology of the forest.